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Easter Sunday Meal

For those planning on attending the Easter Sunday (April 16) evening meal, please fill out the table below to indicate what you're planning on bringing.

Dietary constraints:

Rich Townsend
Roasted Potatoes
Steamed Carrots
Suzi Owocki
A Ham
Anne Thoul
Tossed salad
Paul Ricker
Greek pasta salad
Philipp Podsiadlowski
Mediterranean beef stew
Catherine Lovekin
Appetizer (Jalapeno poppers?)
Jacqueline Goldstein
Blueberry Cobbler
Kenny Van
Beef and Veg Stir Fry
Erin Higgins
Mashed Potatoes

Hiking Trails

Rancho Guadalupe Dunes Preserve is a very beautiful and peaceful place. Very few people (I went on a week-end and there were maybe 10 cars in the parking lot, most people do not wander far from their car). You can walk for hours on a very beautiful and wild, perfect sandy beach. Don't worry if you see a "road flooded" sign; just go ahead, the water is not deep and I passed through with a regular small car. It is less than 1.5hrs from Goleta. Rancho Guadalupe Dunes Preserve


Steven's Park : For those of you looking for a short, easy, but very enjoyable walk, I recommend this trail in Santa Barbara (not very far from the Mission). It is also very suitable for children (the trail leaves from a recreation area with a kids playground). It begins by following a small creek, then climbs slowly for beautiful views on the mountains. It crosses paths with harder hikes too. The description can be found here


Inspiration point is one of the not-to-be-missed spots in Santa Barbara. The hike up is fairly easy, and well described here.

More Santa Barbara hiking resources:

Figueroa Mountain Superbloom

I (Anne) went there on April 8, but did not see many flowers....

Info and directions

Latest news on blooming: Figueroa on Friday, March 24, the wildflower season appears to be off to a slow start. Just past the Figueroa station the bush lupine is blooming and the poppies are starting along the road. On top the chocolate lilies and shooting stars are up in good numbers. Grass Mountain has only a glimmer of color. The “super bloom” doesn’t appear be happening this year here in comparison to photos from last at this year.

Read more and check current Blooming Conditions at:


Biking Trails

Paul Ricker recommends this great resource (from UCSB Cylcing):

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 3.19.36 PM.png

Trip to Grand Canyon (passing by Las Vegas) next WE (31st March - 2nd April)

Ylva and I (Mathieu) were looking into organizing a trip from Friday (which is a holiday) to Sunday to Grand Canyon, stopping on the way there to Vegas for one night. We want to check if there is anyone else interested to join!
The plan is to rent a car and drive early from here on Friday and reach Las Vegas where we spend the night (airbnb is the idea). Then early on Saturday morning we drive up to the Canyon and will spend the day hiking. Most cabins to spend the night in the Canyon are already booked, so we need to move fast. Most cabins can accommodate 4 persons. The Sunday plan is to first hike a bit more around the area and then start the way back around lunch time. Please let us know today Monday if you are interested to join!

Standing social activities:

Stellar BBQs on Fridays

A long and consolidated tradition,
stellar BBQs happen every Friday eve at 7pm at the residence.
People usually start cooking by the west-end BBQ already around 6:30pm, so feel
free to start assembling down in the bar area for a beer and/or some wine earlier.
Bring what you want to grill, plus some drinks to share.
Ping-Pong & Foosball afterwards.

Stellar Drinks on Mondays

"In vino veritas”. Start the week with a good chat and welcome the newcomers.
BYOB, Mondays at 8:30pm in the common areas of the residence. Followed by Ping-Pong & Foosball.

Channel Islands National Park

Close to the mainland, yet worlds apart, Channel Islands National Park has come to be known as “the Galapagos Islands of North America.”
Channel Islands has five islands (San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Anacapa, and Santa Barbara) off the coast of southern California, near Los Angeles. The entire park consists of 249,354 acres, half of which are under the ocean, and is home to a wide variety of nationally and internationally significant natural and cultural resources. Over 2,000 species of plants and animals can be found within the park. However, only four mammals are endemic to the islands. One hundred and forty-five of these species are unique to the islands and found nowhere else in the world. Marine life ranges from microscopic plankton to the endangered blue whale, the largest animal to live on earth. Archeological and cultural resources span a period of more than 10,000 years.

From about February through April the grasslands of Santa Cruz Island are green and native flowers are in bloom. Scorpion Canyon and the Potato Harbor trail are excellent places to see wildflowers. The Prisoners Harbor to Pelican Bay trail has some of the best wildflower displays on the island. Intensity and duration of the bloom differs a bit each year due to varied rainfall and temperature.

Trips to Santa Cruz take 1 hour from Ventura harbor, which is 1 hour drive south from Isla Vista.



Astronomy on Tap Santa Barbara

Where: M8RX, 409 State St. Santa Barbara, CA.

When: Wednesday, April 5th, 2017, 7:30-9:30pm. Doors open 6:30pm
This month we'll have Ylva Gotberg on double stars and the cosmic dark ages and Andy Howell on this summer's American total solar eclipse.


When: Wednesday, March 1st, 2017, 7:30-9:30p. Doors open 6:30p.
This is the one year anniversary special of AoT SB. This month’s special event will include presentations by Curtis McCully, Sarah Greenstreet, Rachel Street, Charlotte Mason, Andy Howell, Todd Boroson, Nikolaus Volgenau, Etienne Bachelet, Griffin Hosseinzadeh, Tim Lister, Greg Salvesen and Iair (”ya-eer”) Arcavi.

external image aot_ad_2_aotdotorg.jpg

FB event page:

First Thursday

external image high-res-1st-thursday-logo.jpg

1st Thursday is a fun evening of art and culture in downtown Santa Barbara. On the first Thursday of each month, participating galleries and art-related venues offer free access to visual and performing art in a fun and social environment from 5-8pm. 1st Thursday venues feature attractions such as art openings, live music, artists' receptions, lectures, wine tastings and hands-on activities.

When: Thursday March 2nd, Thursday April 6th, Thursday May 4th
Where: Downtown Santa Barbara (see map)

Area Restaurants

Matteo' Choice:

SY Kitchen (Santa Ynez, 35 minutes drive) - Italian Fusion. Ask of Luca and Francesco, say Matteo sent you
Loquita (Funk Zone, Santa Barbara) - Spanish Tapas
Arigato (State Street, Santa Barbara) - Sushi. They don't take reservations
Ca' Dario (Santa Barbara) - Italian
Corazon Cocina (Santa Barbara, Public Market) - Best tacos in town
Bouchon (Santa Barbara) - If you are French and missing home
Les Marchands (Funk Zone, Santa Barbara) - Favorite Wine Bar


Arnoldi's Cafe - Little Italian restaurant in historic stone building from 1930's with seating and bocce ball out back.

Beachside Bar & Cafe, down the hill from KITP overlooking Goleta beach.

The Boathouse - Seafood place right on Hendry's beach.

Brewhouse - Pretty much what you expect - beer and hearty food. For large groups, they require a pre-selected menu with only 4 entree choices.

Carlitos - Nice Mexican restaurant on State Street.

Edomasa - Sushi.

Olio Pizzeria - Highest rated pizza place in town, but kind of pricey (up to $20 for individual pie).

Opal - California/Fusion.

Trattoria Vittoria - Italian. Will only take large groups either early (before 5:30) or late (after 8:00).

Hiking around Santa Barbara

Local Events


Radiohead is playing at the Santa Barbara Bowl on Thursday April 11th at 6:30pm
(Note that finding tickets might be very hard at this point, have a look on craigslist in case)


The Met: Live in HD

  • The Metropolitan Opera broadcasts HD simulcasts of operas to movie theaters all over the world. The live performances are Saturday matinees in New York, so they start here at 9:55am and are shown locally at the historic Arlington Theater in downtown SB and, in a smaller venue at Hahn Hall at the Music Academy of the West in Montecito. It will be rebroadcast again at Hahn Hall at 6:00pm on Saturday and at 2:00pm on Sunday.

Jazz & Folk Music

  • SB has but one place that features jazz and folk: SOhO Restaurant & Music Club .They have decent food if you want to eat before/during a performance.

Sport Activities

  • If you are interested in swimming/running/weightlifting or playing some sports like table tennis or soccer, you may wish to join UCSB's Recreation Center. KITP visitors pay the Community rate.

Santa Barbara Theaters